Get .SO The Next Big Domain at Namecheap

Get .SO The Next Big Domain at Namecheap

Why choose a .SO domain?

Get ahead of the curve with .so, the next big domain in technology. It’s the ideal home for an informative and exciting tech website, and the .so-lution to your online audience’s problems, whether they’re animated by automation, or moved by mechanics.

Is a .SO right for me?

If you’re launching a groundbreaking new .social network, embarking on a .solo career as a front-end web developer, or running a thriving .software business, the .so top-level domain (TLD) is the one for you. Plus, it lends itself to wordplay, for your independent beans store, or your captivating band tour dates.

Be .SO bold!

Although the .so domain name is the ccTLD for Somalia, .so web domain registration is open to all. We are one of the few registrars that support this domain, so there are still lots of short, recognizable domain names ready and waiting to be snapped up. If you want to play in the big leagues, follow the big hitters in tech, like,, and and register your new domain today.

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